Best Settings for Albion Online For Max FPS

Albion Online is one of the most popular free-to-play MMORPG games. Not everyone likes the top-down view but for those who do it’s definitely, a must-play game. If you love strategy games then you can enjoy the world of warships which is quite a good free-to-play game. But for my dear readers who want the best Albion online graphics settings. Here is a complete guide on Albion graphics settings

Albion Online Video Settings:

Albion online graphics settings

Display: FullScreen

Games with top-down views like Albion Online must be enjoyed in Fullscreen mode. No exceptions. The game will look awesome and more comfortable to play.

Resolution: Highest Possible

I recommend the highest resolution since this game does not take a lot of VRAM like other games. Higher resolution also means cleaner textures and less strain on the eyes which is perfect for long gaming sessions which you will be doing in Albion online.

Frame Rate Limit: Same as your Refresh Rate

If you have a low-end laptop then keep it the same as your monitor refresh rate. If you have a PC keep it unlimited. A higher FPS is always better.

Vsync: On/Off

There are a few games where Vsync does not cause much lag. Still, my recommendation is you turn off Vsync for better FPS.

Albion online graphics settings

Visual Quality: Custom

Since we are editing each setting manually visual quality will be auto-set to custom.

Prefab Quality: High

Makes the game look superb. It does cost GPU resources but it’s a must. If High settings are too much for your system then go with medium settings.

Shadows: Off

I prefer no shadows since the FPS boost is huge. You get around 10-20% performance increase with shadows off.

Shadows Resolution: Low or Medium

I recommend keeping shadows low or medium since they impact FPS a lot. Low shadow settings give the best FPS boost.

Number of Shadows: Low

If you are using shadows then I recommend lowering the number to free up some GPU resources. Lower shadows mean the game might look a bit plain but the FPS increase will be significant.

Shadow Distance: Low

Similar to the above setting. Low shadow distance can help increase FPS. I recommend you use it.

Albion online graphics settings

Show Effects: All

This is a personal preference and I personally like to see all the effects. You can reduce the effects to increase FPS but for a game like Albion online effects and skills are what make it fun.

Animation Quality: Medium or High

Medium is recommended for most players with low-end systems. If you have a 4GB graphics card then go with high settings.

Shader Quality: Medium or High

If you have plenty of VRAM then simply use high settings. If you have less than 6GB of VRAM then go with medium settings. I prefer high settings personally.

Screen Space Ambient Occlusion: Off

Unnecessary graphics effect that is not really required. You can turn it off.

Anti Aliasing: Off

An important setting that depends on your display. If you have a large display then enable this setting. If you are on a laptop or playing on low resolution then disable this setting.

This can help remove blurry textures on high-resolution monitors but increase blurry textures on small low-resolution monitors. So choose accordingly.

Antistrophic Texture Filtering: Off

Antistrophic Texture Filtering is useful for large screens with at least 6GB of VRAM. If you don’t have the above two requirements then switch it off. If however, you do have a screen larger than 25 inches I recommend using it.

Window Animations: On/Off

Minor Impact on FPS. You can turn it off if you want the best FPS boost but it’s only going to be a 1% boost at best.

Obscured Character Highlighting: On

This can help spot enemy players and thus I recommend you enable this setting. It basically highlights players.

Bloom: Off

Adds bloom effect which is not really required unless you have a high-end monitor or display. Even then I don’t recommend it.

Camera Shake: Off/on

This is a personal preference based on how you like to play. The performance impact is very minor so it doesn’t really matter as long as you are comfortable playing the game. I personally don’t like it.

That’s all folks. These were the best graphics settings for Albion Online to fix lag and boost FPS in-game. Let me know what you think in the comment section below. If you want more FPS in Albion online then check out the guide for optimizing windows 10 for gaming.

Happy Gaming See you in-game

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