Best BAGT Settings for Pubg Mobile – Ultimate Guide

Many Pubg mobile players wanted to know which are the best settings to play pubg mobile using BAGT. If you don’t already know BAGT is a graphics optimization tool for PUBG Mobile. But since it has so many options it is confusing for most people in general. So here is a guide showing you the best settings to play pubg mobile:

If you haven’t already downloaded the latest version of BAGT you can download it from here:


Note: The BAGT Settings tool does not cause any ban. I have been using it for quite a while so I can confirm that. However, if there is any update from Tencent or Pubg Corp I will let you know. The most important thing to remember is always to use the latest version of the BAGT Tool. They update regularly and make sure that there are no issues of a ban.

BAGT Settings For PUBG Mobile

  • Graphics Quality: Smooth

Smooth is the best quality setting you can select in BAGT for Pubg mobile. Unless you have a gaming phone. Smooth can fix lag as well as get your game the FPS boost you need for gaming. Graphics are low but does not have any disadvantage in gameplay.

  • Shadow Quality: None

No advantage in games. You never really notice shadows while playing pubg mobile. Also, shadows have a lot of impact on FPS. So turn it off.

  • Resolution:  Medium or High

The resolution has a big impact on graphics. I recommend High for most people. If your game is still lagging on High then switch to Medium. Do not go below medium as the graphics will be really bad.

  • Shadow Render distance: Low

When shadows are off this setting makes to difference. I recommend you turn off shadows. If you want shadows than at least turn this setting to low. It will help you get the FPS boost you need to play pubg mobile.

  • Color Style: Classic Or Colorful

This is a personal preference. There is no impact on FPS as such. Classic is the most used. I prefer Colorful. It’s up to you.

  • Moving Shadows: Disabled

Anything related to shadows disable it or set it to the lowest possible setting. Shadows cause lag. You can disable these settings which I feel is the greatest advantage of BAGT settings for pubg mobile

  • Frame Rate: 60fps

Higher FPS smoother gameplay. All mobile devices come with a 60hz refresh rate. So it is always recommended that you have a 60 FPS limit. If you are lagging a lot then select 30 FPS only as a last resort.

  • Rendering Quality: Low

Set it at low. Unless you have a gaming phone. Or at least a snapdragon 730g or equivalent.

bagt settings for pubg mobile

  • Light Effects: None

You do not need light effects. They cause FPS issues. You will also have difficulty spotting players. So set it to none in BAGT settings.

  • Antialiasing: None

Definitely None. Unless you have a very high-end phone you should not enable antialiasing.

  • Detail Render Distance: Low

Set it to low if you are a close range and a mid-range fighter. If you are a sniper set it to high. You will be able to spot players better.

  • Texture Quality: High

Texture quality should be kept high because so that you can spot players easily. Low makes the game look really bad. So use it as a last option. I don’t recommend it personally.

  • Sound Enhancement: High

Better the sound better your chances of hearing the footsteps. So get good headphones or earphones and set this setting to high or ultra if possible.

  • GPU Optimization: Enabled

This is a must-have. Thanks to BAGT settings in Pubg mobile you can enable this setting. With this, you will have a better GPU performance while playing Pubg Mobile

I hope this guide has been informative for you and I thank you for reading. If you any questions feel free to ask them in the comment section below.

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See you in-game

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