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Counter-Strike: Global Offensive or CSGO is one of the most popular FPS shooting games in the industry today. There is evidence to back this up with unbelievable numbers. According to Statista, there are about 24 million monthly active users of the game. Just to put that in perspective, those number of players is bigger than the whole population of Belgium – twice over!

Now that we have established the popularity of the game, it follows that there will be numerous resources available for every player. That is to be expected with the long and very much successful run of the game. Though CSGO started in 2012, it traces its roots to the original Counter-Strike game which came out in 2000.

This makes it one of the most talked-about FPS games in the gaming industry. So much so that it has evolved and taken on even the gambling industry. But before we go into that, take a look at a quick rundown of the best resources you can use for your CSGO journey.

CSGO news sources

The game is ever-changing with new skins, items, and event updates. There is industry news as well on players and even how to avoid cheaters in the game. If you want to stay up-to-date with the latest in the CSGO world, these are some of the news sources you need to read up on.

https://www.hltv.org/ – This site is considered to be one of the industry leaders when it comes to CSGO news. The site also shares relevant game statistics and even pictures and demos. The great thing about it is that they update their content to as many as 6 posts daily. This makes sure that you get the latest in the world of CSGO.

https://www.cswarzone.com/ – an independent site that started in 2010, CS Warzone gives you breaking updates on CSGO releases. Their goal is to provide the best gaming experience to players and be able to produce world-class players as well.

https://totalcsgo.com/blog – Regardless if you are a  CSGO veteran or a newbie trying the game out for the first time, this site can help you get the latest news about the game. They make sure to release articles that cover as many key areas of the game as possible to help you stay informed and updated. They give you an idea from the best skins in the game all the way to addressing some technical issues you might encounter.

CSGO Giveaways

Who doesn’t want giveaways? Well, there are many of them in the CSGO industry, which makes the game a lot more fun and exciting. Here are some sites to check out.

https://www.vloot.io/category/csgo-giveaways – more than just delivering CSGO news and even guides in playing the game, this site gives away some pretty cool stuff you can use in the game. Founded in 2018, they drop and give out several items from keys, skins, knives, and many others. The idea is to enter as many giveaways as possible to increase your chances of grabbing some awesome items.

https://www.joingiveaways.com/giveaways.php – What started as a simple idea to provide a legitimate site for CSGO giveaways? This site has now evolved into a hub for CSGO gamers interested in earning not only digital items but real money. Of course, this is still anchored in giving out items to players.

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Here are some more good sites that are recommended for getting CS:GO Cases:



CSGO Coaching Services

CSGO has evolved over the past few years but the gameplay is still the same. Yes, there might be some differences if you compare CSGO now from the original Counter-Strike game in the early 2000s. But the goal is still the same. The strategies though have kept changing from the first iteration of the game, which is why some players are looking for CSGO coaching. If you are on the lookout for coaches to help you improve your game or if you have plans of being the next esports 

https://www.fiverr.com/ – This is a platform for freelancers offering a multitude of services including CSGO coaching. The great thing about this is that you can check their profile out and be able to compare prices as well. Just be sure to read through the services they offer so you know exactly what you are getting.

https://www.gamersensei.com – This site is much more dedicated as a coaching platform. Here, you get a much more detailed set of information for the coaches. Take note that a good number of the coaches on this site are former pros in esports! Also, the coaches here go through a meticulous 5-step application procedure for quality purposes. 

https://bettergamer.com/ – Are you a beginner trying to learn the game or an advanced player hoping to improve your skills even further. With many gamers coming in at different skill levels, this site helps you select the coach based on your skill level and what you need to work on. This makes sure that you see the results you need and not waste time on things you already know.

CSGO referral codes

If you’re playing with csgo skins you’re likely to want to get the most out of your trades. There’s a lot of sites offering games such as CSGO coinflip, roulette, crash, and more. By using a referral promo code you can get more out of your initial deposit. Below is a list of sites offering promo codes. 

Lucky wheel codes – if you’re played spinwheel before you know the thrill that many have experienced. With referral codes, you get some more for your first-time registrations on various csgo sites. 

CSGOREF – Reddit users sharing their best codes for a wide selection of csgo sites & services. The good thing about this thread is that you can find lots of different codes for the same websites. 
CSGO empire code – You most likely heard of CSGOempire before if you’re familiar with skin trading and lucky draws. On this site, you have quite a huge collection of skins and available codes for new Registrations

These are just some of the best resources available for CSGO players. They can help you improve your gameplay and even help you earn some cash along the way!

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