Good working of the fan is very important for a PC to control the heat of the system and to make it cool. Computer users needed to adjust the speed of their PC’s fan to keep the system cool and to stop irritating noise. You can change the fan speeds manually and automatically.  There are many applications you can use for changing the speed of the fan, controlling, and monitoring temperature. Using such software you do not need to change the speed of the fan manually which is hard for a non-technical person.

There is a lot of software is present for controlling fan speed but it is not easy to choose which is better for you. There are ten top best fan controlling applications mentioned below that will help you in controlling your fan speed.

1. Argus Monitor

It is a very famous software for controlling the speed of fans and sensors are very strong. The app interface is very easy to use, and it provides you the functionality of running in the background and not bothering you while working. It is a paid software costing $9.95. 


  • Smart features to check the temperature of Hard Disk 
  • Check Fan Speed
  • Automated Graph Generated by the digital sensor 
  • Avoid Loss and Corruption of Data
  • Real-time monitoring to control heating and fan speed
Argus Monitor
Argus Monitor

2. SpeedFan

It is one of the powerful software you can use to control fan speed, temperature, and voltages. There are a lot of amazing features you will observe while using Speed Fan. It gathers the temperature using different techniques, changes fan speed and reduces extra noise. It uses charts and graphics to show readings. The software is compatible with 64-bit windows users and others. 


  • Monitoring chips to read fan speed, voltage speed, and much more.
  • Free to use and customizable 
  • Software is not suitable for beginners
  • Amazing and Organized Interface

3. Easy Tune5

It is the top platform used for fan control and it is famous for the coolest features it provides about the adjustment of temperature. It helps you to improve and monitor your computer health along with the options of fan speed changing. The software is just suitable for windows users, all others cannot use this. This is the best software for handling fans.


  • Fan Control 
  • Sensor Temperature 
  • Easy Interface and monitoring abilities
  • Totally Free Software
  • Free Overlocking Abilities
  • Temperature Control
Easy Tune5
Easy Tune5

4. Open Hardware Monitor

This is one of the top powerful applications used to alter the voltage and speed of the fans. Also, it manages temperature sensors and the speed of the clock and load of a PC. Open Hardware monitor comes along with very powerful features. The software is prominent because it is used for both 64-bit and 32-bit users. However, it is not good for average users because it is difficult for new users. 


  • Open Source Software
  • Latest Chips for Monitoring Hardware
  • Customizable Interface
  • Check Temperature using sensors of Intel and AMD
  • Very Clear Interface
 Open Hardware Monitor
Open Hardware Monitor

5. HW Monitor

It is a good software for monitoring the speed of the fan, it is used to control and it is very trusted. So, the following are some of the good features of HW Monitor. You can track the Minimum and Maximum Speeds of your PC’s Fan. It can be used for both 32 and 64-bit windows. You have to supervise things on your own. 


  • Save the entire interface into a text file. 
  • Easy to use interface and the simpler representation
  • Real-time monitoring of fan
  • Very Speedy and instant updates
  • Free of cost
HW Monitor
HW Monitor

6. ZOTAC FireStorm

It is software for monitoring the speed of a fan. It is software best suited for turning up the speed of a fan of your PC. There are a lot of features that make the Zotac FireStrom prominent over others. Using this software you can even control and change the speed of the Nvidia Graphics Card fan. You can even modify the Graphics Card and change speed very efficiently. It gives support to Window 7, Window 8, and Window 10. However, it is unable to monitor CPU fans.  


  • Available for Windows User Only
  • No unwanted bells and sounds
  • Real-Time Speed monitoring abilities
  • Latest Interface 
  • Totally Free Application
ZOTAC FireStorm
ZOTAC FireStorm

7. NoteBook FanControl

The software allows computer users to have control over the speed of the fan. The installation is very good and the interface is very user-friendly. The software is very good for new users because the interface is very appealing and easier. 


  • CPU Temperature record and real-time monitoring 
  • Slider is present to make controlling speed easier
  • Enable and Disable the service of fan control
  • Usable for Windows 7, 8 and 10 
  • Easier to Use
  • Totally free usage 
  • Amazing for Laptop
NoteBook FanControl:
NoteBook FanControl


It is a fan controlling software for Windows and it is very amazing because it allows you to do much more than control fan speed. 

It helps Windows users to change the speed of CPU and Cabinet fans instantly. You can export the details in a CSV file. 


  • Compatible for both 64 and 32-bit Windows users
  • Latest embedded technologies
  • Free to use
  • Customizable Interface
  • Compatible with Windows 7, Windows 8, and Windows 10

9. Corsair Link

Corsair Link is a program for controlling fan speed and the interface is like games. So, it is effective for gamers. It is real-time speed testing for the CPU. It is efficient because of giving notifications because of speed changes. 


  • Full control on Fans 
  • both for fan control and performance
  • Compatible with the latest hardware and Windows
Corsair Link
Corsair Link

10. Thinkpad Fan Controller

It is software to control the speed of the fan in computer and it is prominent because of huge usage in the notebooks to reduce the noise produced by fans. It supports both 32-bit and 64-bit operating systems. 


  • Able to change fan speed
  • Keep System Temperature low 
  • Show notifications about CPU and GPU temperature
Thinkpad Fan Controller
Thinkpad Fan Controller

I hope that you like the article and after reading this it will be easier for you to choose which application is best suited for overlocking to you according to your specifications.

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