Top 5 Free PVP Hammers New World

Finding a good PVP hammer has always been a huge challenge in the new world. Well with the new tempest dungeon the problem completely got solved since now you basically got the best PVP hammer in-game for free. There are some more options from other dungeons as well so without further ado let’s get started with the best hammers in new world for PVP.

Blackguard’s Warhammer

The best hammer you can get for PVP for free from the new tempest dungeon. Just go and farm this hammer. Trust me you will not be disappointed by the damage.


The second-best hammer drops in Lazarus’s dungeon. Farm Mr. Chardis till it drops so that you can get one of the best pvp hammers. I feel blackguard is still better though.


A cool pvp hammer that drops from genesis dungeon. Use to be OP before but due to blackguard hammer is no longer the preferred hammer. Still a very good hammer for PVP.

Mirepaw’s Fist

Drops from mirepaw boss. Luck-based dropped. You can try farming it but it’s a rare drop.


Another rare hammer that drops from chests and dungeons based on luck. Has enchanted and life-stealing which I love. But it’s quite rare so you will have a hard time finding it.

That’s all folks these were the 5 Hammers I recommend for PVP that you can farm easily. If I missed any good pvp hammers do let me know. Do checkout the best free pvp gear guide for strength users as well. See ya in-game

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