Top 10 Role Playing Games for iOS

RPG or Role Playing Games are games that allow you to choose your avatar and become and play as whoever you want. They generally used to be available in the PC and consoles but now have made their way up in the market coming to your tabs and mobiles as well.

You all were looking for these and Kudos! You found them with us! From the best of space voyage battles to the battle of ages, RPG has it all. From old times to new civilization wars, deep down to little love stories to horror simulation games, you won’t find anything missing.

1. Into The Dark : Narakan

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A game with the potentials to grab you for hours together, this game ties you up with a great story and a next-level art-style game-play that devours you fully. Short levels allow you to save your progress rapidly, even if you quit a level you won’t lose much progress.

Play as Naraken and the game master decides the rules to stick within this ball bounce based short and quick RPG game.

2. Valkyrie Profile: Lenneth

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Everything is so beautifully carved, kill monsters with the weapons you find and upgrade yourself, and more. The narrative of this game sings along-wise making you experience a lot of tragedies, demises, and compelling character instincts. It also feels a bit old-school at places as the voice over and translations have been picked up from the previous versions of PlayStation. 

3. Evoland 2

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This game has all kind of settings in one with the special 3D mortar graphic system, it takes game reality to another level. You get to travel to past where you alter ti so that you can change something in the future, they both finally find themselves stuck in a paradoxical situation. It is fun to find your kick out of this game’s timeline and experience the changing graphics according to the setting changes.

4. Langrisser Mobile

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This game has a full series of continued story-line starting from the first game which came out during the late 1900s. this game is very different from the general tactical role-playing games. Control massive units in royal battles, deciding when to attack and defend. You can have full control over units sent and there power and upgrades and carve out the story as per you want.

5. Shin Megami Tensei Liberation Dx2

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This game provides you single-player combat mode wherein you can drive in through the story upgrading your demons and fighting the challenges along. Also, it gives an option to play player vs player online too. The game contains heavy story plots followed by epic battle scenes and demonic investigations.

6. Reigns: Game of Thrones

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GOT fans! Merry Merry news for you people. Play as your favorite Game of Thrones Character and fight battles with just ease as a quick swipe. As you might have guessed, this popular game is a swipe-based RPG one with epic sounds and an HD graphical view of battles. You can check what would have happened if characters like Jon Snow or Sansa Stark had held the thrown in GOT. Fight through the fierce battles as you swipe left or right to make your decisions in the game and each of your moves makes a life and death difference.

7. Stardew Valley

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The farm allows you to sow your crops and decide the kind of plantation you think would be best suitable. You can breed in cows and hens as well to earn more profit and build other cool stuff with the game cash. This farming RPG requires you to regularly check your farm for growth and fostering weeds and also interact with a community online to befriend. Allowing you to fish, and explore caves as you expand your farm limits is another feature of the game.

8. Battle Chasers: Nightwar

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In the world of Joe Madureira Dungeons, you play as the heroes like Gully, Bastion and the Slothy War Calibretto. The airship of the protagonist is shot down on a deserted island and our heroes fiddle with hurdles in this conquest of finding the answer and way out.  Every member is the game has some special unidentified power which can be used when the overcharge fills up. Mix the power ups of all the heroes you control and defeat the dungeon crawlers!

9. Monster Hunter Stories

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A JRPG monster hunt game quite famous because of the hardcore scenes it offers. Take down the enemies in the turn-based battles and find and reciprocate with the monster eggs. They hatch and you can befriend the monster and tie hi up along with your team. Enjoy hours of game-play with this engaging yet surprise filling game by using the advantages that your trained beast offers you.

10. Final Fantasy XV Pocket Edition

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Exploration and the combat in this simple game are very easy to use and you can select to move your character by touching the selected location on the screen. This RPG was developed lately by Square Enix and uses a fixed camera angle game-play method. The ‘chibified’ graphics are an eye-catch in this game and sound effects and music is kept very intact

That’s all folks, these were the top 10 best RPG games for iOS you can download and play, If we have forgotten to add a great game to the list then let me know in the comment section below. Happy Gaming.

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