New World Free Healer PVP Sets

Healers are one of the most needed and most targeted PVP players in New World. Healers are a constant target for Melees and Rangers. So good PVP gear is a must for new world healers.

Luckily, New World has a lot of PVP gear for healers. So without further ado, here is the best PVP gear for healers in New World

Get ready to rock in OPRs, Wars, and Arenas

As usual, we’ll be starting with jewelry.

Amulet: Keepers Pendant / Oracles Amulet / Isabella Amulet / Pulsating Spriggan Core

Ring: Silver Leaf / Archmagister’s Piscatory Ring / Holy Pledger’s Band (Depth Mutation)

Earring: Reinforced Tempestuous Earring of the Sage / Misty Kismet Charm / Earring of the Hallowed Soul

Healer Light PVP Set

Head: Sagacious Hat / Malevolent Defender of the Sage

Chest: Sagacious Shirt

Hands: Sagacious Gloves

Pants: Sagacious Pants

Shoes: Sagacious Shoes

This is by far the best PVP set for healers that Players can get for free. With all of them being 3 piece items, you can easily become one of the best healers in the game!

This set has maximum healer output with almost zero cooldowns. This set definitely a must-have for healers.

Medium Mage Set | Medium Intelligence Set

Head: Conqueror Helm or Malevolent Defender of Sage

You can also use items from the light set here if needed.

Chest: Conqueror Breastplate

Hands: Sagacious Gloves

Pants: Sagacious Pants

Shoes: Sagacious Shoes

The set above is the medium healer set that grants you more survivability in exchange for a bit of healing output. I personally prefer the light healer build.

But for wars, it’s also a risky build if you have trouble positioning properly. So for those looking for a free PVP medium healer build this one is your best bet at the moment.

You can change parts from the light section if you feel it will benefit your style of play. Just make sure your weight stays in the medium range.

Heavy Healer PVP Set | Heavy Focus PVP Set

Head: Conqueror Helm

Chest: Conqueror Breastplate

Hands: Conqueror Gauntlets

Pants: Conqueror’s Greaves

Shoes: Neishatun’s Boots

This is basically a tanky healer build. I prefer mobile healer builds since the healing nerfs off -30% healing for heavy healers is quite high in my opinion.

But if you have lag or have trouble dodging this is probably one of the best builds for you as a healer. Also, you’ll be pretty damn hard to kill.

So if you want to play heavy healer then this is the best free PVP gear you can try to get.

That’s all folks!

These are the best PVP armor sets for Healers in New World.

Remember to let me know if I missed anything! I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on this. And I’ll keep updating the list as much as I can.

Happy gaming, see you in-game!

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