New World Best Free PvP Strength Armor Sets

Playing as a melee strength user in New World has been one of my most enjoyable experiences in the game so far. And with the new arenas coming up for PVP, I decided to make a guide on the best strength-based PVP armor that you can get for FREE.

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So without further ado, let’s get started!

To make things as simple as possible, let’s start with jewelry and then move on to different armor sets.

Since the jewelry is common for all the builds let’s start with Free Strength Jewelry for PVP.

Best Free Jewelry for Strength Users:

Amulet: Blessing of Forefathers (Depths Mutation) / Scorpion Stone / Eyes in the Abyss / Diamond Heart

Ring: Beginning or Smooth Bone Ring

Earring: Dooms Chance Earring

Light Soldier Set | Light Strength Set

In all honesty, there is no good free PVP armor set for light-strength users.

It’s sad but true.

You can only use the Voidbent light set with one piece of raiders and wardens to get the perfect light build for high mobility and damage.

But the set below is still extremely good due to its high resilience and mobility which can cover most of its drawbacks.

I personally use custom-made armor but this is the cheaper variant that you can farm and craft.

Head: Wardens Guise

Chest: Voidbent Robes

Pants: Voidbent Pants

Hands: Voidbent Gloves

Boots: Raider boots

Medium Soldier Set | Medium Strength Set

Head: Conqueror Helm

Chest: Conqueror Breastplate

Pants: Voidbent Pants

Hands: Voidbent Gloves

Boots: Raider Boots

The set above is one of the best medium sets that you can get for cheap, just by farming dungeons and crafting some of the Voidbent pieces.

The mobility and survivability of the build is quite amazing and with a good hammer and great axe you can easily wreak havoc in the enemy backline.

It’s probably my most recommended build for medium-strength users.

Heavy Soldier Set | Heavy Strength Set

Head: Conqueror Helm

Chest: Conqueror Breastplate

Hands: Conqueror Gauntlets

Pants: Conqueror Greaves

Shoes: Neshatun Boots

This is basically a semi-tank build. The damage will is lowered but you can survive much longer as a melee player.

Combining this build with a hatchet, great axe, or hammer combo can make you survive way longer due to defy death and stun abilities. One of the most recommended builds for heavy players.

That’s all folks! t

These are the best PVP armor sets for strength users in New World. Let me know if I missed anything, I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on this.

I’ll keep updating the list as much as I can.

Happy gaming, see you in-game!

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