New World Best Free PvP Dex Armor Sets

With the new PVP arenas coming to the new world. The hunt for the best PVP armor is really putting a hole in the pockets of most people. Not everyone has stocks of Asmodeum or millions of gold in the guild treasury.

So, to help out my dear budget PVP players, here are all the best free PVP items you can collect in the new world for your Dex Set or Ranger Set as New World likes to call it.

Note: These are semi-perfect PVP items. Some of them are close to bis but many can still be replaced with better items. But all the ones in the below list are free items that can be farmed or that drop in dungeons

Since the jewelry is common for all the builds let’s start with Free Dexterity Jewelry for PVP. These are all your options. Let me know if you have something special that I missed from the list.

Best Free Jewelry for Dex Users:

Amulet: Eyes in the Abyss or Diamond Heart

Ring: Reinforced Tempestuous Ring of the Ranger or Featherweight ring

Earring: Bloodline Curse Earring or Hardened Tear of Avarice

Light Ranger Set | Light Dex Set

Head: Sinful Glare / Tactician Hat / Izabela’s Gaze

More options for the head: Unholy Silence of Ranger (bow users) / Carved Mask of Ranger (Musket User) / Honest Thief Hat  (bow users)

Chest: Tactician Shirt / Honest Thief Shirt (bow users)

Hands: Tactician Gloves

Pants: Tactician Pants

Shoes: There are no good 3-piece items available. Use Tactician Shoes or Voidbent boots

The set above is perfect for users who love to dodge and kite. It’s a full-light set. You can dodge and do heavy single-point damage and hunt healers quite easily with this build.

It’s best for all Dex users to snipe and hunt targets in OPR’s Wars and Arena. The best part is that all of these items are FREE and can be farmed from dungeons and bosses in the new world.

So get farming!

Medium Ranger Set | Medium Dex Set

Head: Conqueror Helm

You can also use items from the light set here if needed.

Chest: Conqueror Breastplate

Hands: Tactician Gloves

Pants: Tactician Pants

Shoes: Neshatun Boots

This set focuses more on survivability and slightly less on the damage. With this build, you can take quite a lot of hits and you can easily survive most sticky situations. The damage is still pretty high. If you have some sexy High DPS weapons then you can surely wreck people in wars and OPRs and even arenas.

This depends on your playstyle. Many people prefer using a medium build in wars because of its higher survival rates.

Heavy Ranger Set | Heavy Dex Set

Head: Conqueror Helm

Chest: Conqueror Breastplate

Hands: Conqueror Gauntlets

Pants: Conqueror Greaves

Shoes: Neshatun Boots

This is basically a semi-tank build. The damage will be lower but you can literally capture points with ease using this build.

Combining this build with a hatchet spear combo can make you survive way longer and it will take a lot of people to kill you. Granted you take quite a hit for mobility since you’ll be fully heavy.

Very few players play heavy build. This is usually done by people who have lag.

Well, that’s all folks!

These were the best PVP armor sets for dex users in New World. Let me know if I missed anything.

I’m looking forward to hearing your feedback on this and I’ll keep updating the list as much as I can.

Happy gaming, see you in-game!

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